Monday, September 19, 2016

3D Class Week 04: Lego Project Part 2

This week's project involved collaboration between all of cohort 13's artists to make one cohesive scene involving at least one piece modeled by each person. We decided on a future theme in space.

Character Team
Ryan Hill, Matthew Young, Chelsea Ziu, Kay Ghering, Melissa Almirall, and myself

Air Transportation Team
Boo Roseman, Matthew Trypiano, Kendall Robertson, Yunhao Huo, Tiffany Brodie, Hezekiah Olopade

Environment Team
Leah Augustine, Anthony Ballinas, William Perez-Vallines, Bailey Steggerda, Noel Graham, Paul Salas

Land Transportation Team
Francisco Romero, Micheal Vogel, Raymond Halley, Yanjun Chen, Connor Hollis, Sam Moss

The extra piece I modeled this week was a pilot's helmet.
I also made a texture for the pilot Lego figure.

Different shots of the final scene. Special thanks to Yanjun for setting up our file folder system and Leah for lighting and taking screenshots!

1 comment:

  1. I like the layout of your textures and the work you produced for this, the helmet feels a little chunky/low res around the cut out, then it feels like there is a lot of geo in the back of the helmet to support the cutout, your edge flow is very grid like for the helmet, need a little more thought on how to make the hole feel appealing.

    UE4 Character team did a very nice job, we were really close to having the modeling and texturing quality match across the board. I enjoyed the designs and thought they were rather fun to look at. If we were to match the line quality of our textures things would have been a little more unified.