Tuesday, July 11, 2017

3D Personal Project 3: Italian Courtyard

For this project, I want to make a small Italian-style courtyard with a staircase, plenty of potted plants, and a large arching wooden door. I've collected some reference, the first two of which is what I'm basing my design off of (outlined in red).


Brick Textures (walls) (Substance Designer)
Cobblestone Texture (ground) (Substance Designer)
Stone Column
Stone Arch
Stone Staircase
Staircase Railing
Large Wooden Door
Roof Shingles
Window Shutters
Light Fixture
Clay Pots
Various Potted Plants (Flowers, Italian Cypress, etc)

Week 1:
- Graybox (general layout)
- Stone column and arch models
- Brick and cobblestone textures
- 1st lighting pass

Week 2:
- Staircase and railing, door, roof shingles, window shutters, light fixture, pots models (all models done)
- Stone column and arch textures
- Window shutter textures
- 2nd lighting pass

Week 3:
- Foliage (begin)
- Clay pots textures
- Light fixture texture
- Roof shingles texture
- Staircase and railing high res
- Final lighting pass

Week 4:
- Door high res
- Door texture
- Foliage textures
- Staircase and railing textures