Monday, September 12, 2016

3D Class Week 03 Assignment: Lego Project Part 1

We picked out Lego pieces we wanted to model for a larger Lego library. I chose to do a wing- type lego.

Smoothshade and Wireframe of my model.

Smoothshade and Wireframe of Anthony Ballinas' model.

Smoothshade and Wireframe of Doug Halley's model.
Instances of all of our legos used in the final team piece.

Images of our final combined pieces with materials and lighting.

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  1. Really nice work on the models. There might be a few extra spans in the top model (wing shape) but other than that everything is very nice and clean! Group project turned out well. I just wish the work wasn't presented with the unlit mode. Also watch how far we push the emissive at times. Can feel like a nuclear explosion rather than a bright light source.